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Family North Carolina Spring/Summer 2022 Magazine is Here!

NC Family is excited to announce the arrival of the Spring/Summer 2022 edition of our flagship publication, Family North Carolina magazine. In a world steeped in unknowns and uncertainty, Family North Carolina seeks to provide a voice of reason, insight, and inspiration. The Spring/Summer 2022 edition should have already arrived in your mailboxes, and if not, it will be there soon!

Our feature article is “Death by Uncertainty: False Positives in Prenatal Testing.” Dr. Tara Sander Lee of the Charlotte Lozier Institute details in this article the troubling truth about false positives in commonly used prental testing. These tests are often touted as infallible, but are far from it, and this lack of transparency within the industry—exacerbated by a lack of regulation by the government—is leading many mothers to abort their babies.

Parents across the country had their eyes opened over the past two years to some troubling content being taught to their children. Parental rights, particularly in education and in healthcare, has become a hot-button issue, with many parents speaking out at school board meetings and in the halls of legislatures across the country. Will Estrada, president of the nation’s leading parental rights organization, authors “Fighting for Fundamental Rights,” and outlines what parental rights protections exist in our nation’s Constitution. Estrada also details how parents and legislators alike are standing for this fundamental right through various bills and laws introduced in the 2021-2022 legislation session.

Continuing with this important topic of parental rights, “Mama Bear 101: How to Protect Your Kids,” brings the issue home by sharing concrete tips for how parents can protect their children and defend their rights every single day. North Carolina mother of four, Brittany Farrell, shares her personal story of how she approaches the culture that is growing increasingly hostile towards parental rights. Farrell urges parents to be proactive, equipped, and unafraid advocates for their children, and shares some resources to help parents understand their rights before any type of challenge ever arises.

Finally, as the North Carolina legislature considers a bill to legalize marijuana for “medical” use, “The Medical Marijuana Myth” by Luke Niforatos destroys the lie at the heart of this movement: that marijuana is/can be effective medicine.

Also, this edition of Family North Carolina magazine includes information about NC Family’s 2022 General Election Voter Guide. Pre-ordering is now open, so if you would like to order Voter Guides for your community, church, or civic group, visit our Voter Guide Order Form. (As a reminder, bulk Voter Guide orders ship in bundles of 100, but everyone on our mailing list will receive one Voter Guide.) Orders will ship in the beginning of October.

We hope you enjoy this Spring/Summer 2022 edition of Family North Carolina. Please give us a call at (919) 807-0800 if you would like to order more copies to distribute in your community. This issue, including footnoted versions of the articles, is available for viewing and download from our website. To access this and past issues, visit the Family North Carolina webpage.


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