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Please join NC Family’s network of pastors and church leaders as, together, we learn from one another and exhort each other to use our influence to create a culture in North Carolina that is friendly to families and receptive to biblical values.

NC Family Pastor Outreach Director Tom Kakadelis

You can contact me directly via email at, or via phone at (704) 575-7345

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Pastors Action ZOOM Calls

Thursday, November 30 @ 10 am Special Guests: Sen Ted Alexander & Rep Keith Kidwell

Topic: Equipping the Next Generation for Political Engagement

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“It is often said that ‘Clarity is king.’ Christians must be clear in what God has said in his inspired, infallible, inerrant, and all sufficient word especially in days where biblical illiteracy and even hostility run rampant in our culture. Being clear means not simply stating what the Bible says but in a way that the culture understands. I appreciate this seminar’s goal in presenting the timeless truths of scripture in a compelling, missional way that truly seeks to transform our world. You will not want to miss this.”

~ Todd Unzicker, Executive Director-Treasurer of NC Baptists 

Salt & Light Seminars:

Pastors and church leaders can schedule a Salt & Light Seminar with NC Family to learn about effective, Christ-centered advocacy in public policy.

Visit NC Family’s Salt & Light Sign Up page to schedule your own Salt & Light Seminar today, or visit our upcoming events page to see!


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