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Former High School Athlete Works to Protect Women and Girls in North Carolina

Payton McNabb had the world at her fingertips until everything changed in the fall of her senior year of high school. Growing up in READ

AT ISSUE: And the Truth Will Set You Free

“Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.” ~ John 8:32 Over the last decade, Satan’s lies have been READ
Falling bar chart with doodles of baby items

NC’s Falling Birth Rate and the Potential Future Implications

Over the last several years, North Carolina’s population has surged. In 2023, North Carolina added more people than any other state except for Texas READ
Rainbow sign with "love is love" quote

3 Ways to Respond to “Pride Month” as a Christian

“Pride Month” has arrived, and with it, American society is being inundated with rainbow flags, flamboyant celebrations, and specific agendas associated with it. Stores READ
Picture of Prisha Mosley

NC Detransitioner’s Lawsuit First to Proceed in Court

Prisha Mosley, who is suing the medical professionals who pushed her to undergo gender transition procedures as a teen, is the first detransitioner lawsuit READ
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“Not an equal protection.” Swimmer Speaks Out About NCAA’s Transgender Policy (With Carter Satterfield)

Over the last decade, our nation has witnessed an increase in biological males who identify as female and participate on women’s sports teams. These READ
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NC State Swimmer Joins Lawsuit Against the NCAA (With Kylee Alons)

Over fifty years ago, Congress enacted a monumental law to protect women from sex-based discrimination, known as Title IX. This made signifcant strides in READ

Abortion Drug Restrictions, Transgender “Treatments,” the Opportunity Scholarship, and the National Day of Prayer

Welcome to this week’s episode of NC Family’s Weekly Update, where we share the highlights of the past week at the N.C. General Assembly READ
Doctors performing surgery in scrubs

4th Circuit Rules NC State Health Plan Must Cover Transgender Treatments

The Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals has ruled that the North Carolina State Health Plan must provide coverage for transgender “treatments,” asserting that the READ
Definition of Abortion

Taxpayers Fund the 4th Leading Cause of Death in US: Abortion

On April 17th, Planned Parenthood released its annual report for 2022-2023, showing the pro-abortion group received close to $700 million in taxpayer funding. In READ
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A NC Detransitioner Sues Her Doctors (With Josh Payne)

As a teenager, Prisha Mosley was told that she was born in the wrong body and that transitioning her gender would solve the various READ
Teen girls sitting in a locker room

NC Teen Assaulted By Man in Gym Locker Room

On April 4, a 38-year-old man, Christopher Allan Miller, entered a female locker room at a Planet Fitness gym in Gastonia, North Carolina. Miller READ
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Sharing the Stories of Those Hurt by the Transgender Movement (With Kallie Fell)

The transgender movement has hurt countless people, including many children who have been told that presenting as the opposite sex will solve their problems. READ
Students sitting at desks in a classroom at school

How NC Schools Have (and Have Not) Adopted the Parents’ Bill of Rights

In August, the North Carolina General Assembly passed the Parents’ Bill of Rights. This pivotal legislation reinforces the central role of parents in their READ

What Slavery in the U.S. Looks Like Over 150 Years After Being Abolished

On this day in 1865, Congress passed the Thirteenth Amendment, legally abolishing slavery in the United States. This amendment came two years after President READ
Family walking on a sidewalk in front of a white wall

LGBTQ Organization Files Federal Complaints Against NC’s Public Schools

On Tuesday, January 30, the LGBTQ organization Campaign for Southern Equality filed a federal complaint challenging North Carolina’s recently enacted Parents’ Bill of Rights READ

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