Religious Freedom

After Eight Years, Coach Kennedy Takes a Knee on High School Football Field

Last year, Coach Joseph Kennedy made national news when he won a major religious liberty case at the United States Supreme Court after a READ

N.C. General Assembly Still On “Summer Break”

As we’ve mentioned the last couple of weeks, the North Carolina General Assembly has been on break, only having pro forma sessions and not READ
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POV: “303 Creative: A Ruling for All Americans”

Imagine being a creative professional in America who creates unique and expressive content that expresses your personal beliefs and worldview. You would sell that READ

The General Assembly’s Absence, Casino Gambling, and a Major Win for Religious Liberty

You are probably expecting one of our Weekly Update videos, looking forward to hear what John, Jere, and Sharon have to say about the READ
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SCOTUS “Groff Opinion” Another Win for Religious Liberty

In the last week of June, the United States Supreme Court issued a number of key opinions as its “2022 term” came to a READ

VIDEO | Planned Parenthood Lawsuit, Parental Rights, Transgender Procedures for Minors, “Medical” Marijuana, and the 303 Creative SCOTUS Case

Welcome to this week’s episode of NC Family’s Weekly Update, where we share the highlights of the past week at the N.C. General Assembly READ
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SCOTUS Rules In Favor of Website Designer in Compelled Speech Case

Today, the United States Supreme Court ruled in favor of website designer Lorie Smith and her right to freedom of speech in 303 Creative READ
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An OB/GYN Corrects Abortion Myths (Re-Air)

Since the North Carolina Legislature passed a major pro-life bill this spring, we have heard many myths about abortion and the so-called “dangers” of READ
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The New Focus for the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission

The Southern Baptist Convention does some amazing work, both at a nationwide and local level. But what some may not know is that their READ
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Attacks on Churches Mean Attacks on Religious Liberty

Attacks against churches in the United States have been steadily rising over the past five years. According to a report from the Family Research READ
North Carolina Legislative Preview

2023 Legislative Session Preview

The 2023 Regular Legislative Session of the North Carolina General Assembly is currently underway, and it is likely to be an eventful term. Lawmakers READ

2023 Greenville Dinner with Coach Joseph Kennedy

NC Family’s 2023 Dinner in Greenville, NC on March 13, 2023 featured Coach Joseph Kennedy, a football coach turned First Amendment champion. Watch Coach READ
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Colorado Courts Again Rule Against Christian Cake Artist Jack Phillips

Jack Phillips, owner of Masterpiece Cakeshop in Colorado, is once again facing legal consequences for living out his faith in the context of his READ
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The Double Standard of Discrimination

This month, we’ve seen two issues that made national headlines and highlighted the double standard that exists in our culture regarding “discrimination.” 303 Creative READ
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A Web Designer Stands for Religious Liberty at the US Supreme Court

Yesterday, the United States Supreme Court heard oral arguments in the case of 303 Creative v. Elenis, a legal challenge against a Colorado law READ

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