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Since 1999, our 15-minute weekly radio program, Family Policy Matters features interviews with nationally recognized experts on a wide range of family policy issues. Family Policy Matters airs each week on the following radio stations across North Carolina and can also be streamed on the NC Family website by clicking on the titles below.

Charlotte/Gastonia-WCRU 960 AM /105.7 FM, Sat., 6:00 AM
Charlotte/Harrisburg–WOGR 1540 AM / 88.3 FM, Sat., 3:45 PM
Raleigh/Durham-WDRU 105.7 FM / 106.5 FM / 1030 AM, Sat., 6:00 AM
Fayetteville–WCLN 105.7 FM, Sat., 7:00 AM
Greensboro/Winston Salem–WTRU 830 AM / 97.7 FM / 99.1 FM, Sat., 6:00 AM
Raleigh/Durham-WETC 540 AM, Sun., 3:45 PM
Rocky Mount–WLQC 103.1 FM, Sun., 10:00 PM

Charlotte-WOGR 1540 AM / 88.3 FM, Sat., 3:45 PM
Sanford–WLHC 103.1 FM, Sun., 10:00 PM
Wilmington–WZDG 89.7 FM, Sun., 5:30 AM & 6 PM
Winston-Salem/Piedmont Triad Area–WPIP 880 AM, Sun., 4:15 PM
Winston-Salem–WBFJ 1550 AM, Sat., 5:00 PM
Wake Forest–WFNE 103.5 FM, Sat., 12:15 PM & 11:15 PM

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Aaron Renn Headshot

How to Live in an Anti-Christian Culture (with Aaron Renn)

It used to be that identifying as a Christian and going to church were respected traits in American society. Now, however, Christianity is often READ MORE
Carter Satterfield Headshot

“Not an equal protection.” Swimmer Speaks Out About NCAA’s Transgender Policy (With Carter Satterfield)

Over the last decade, our nation has witnessed an increase in biological males who identify as female and participate on women’s sports teams. These READ MORE
Kylee Alons Headshot

NC State Swimmer Joins Lawsuit Against the NCAA (With Kylee Alons)

Over fifty years ago, Congress enacted a monumental law to protect women from sex-based discrimination, known as Title IX. This made signifcant strides in READ MORE
Dr. Holly Ordway headshot

Stories, Literature, and Sharing the Gospel (With Dr. Holly Ordway)

According to the Pew Research Center, around 28% of US adults are religiously unaffiliated, or “Nones” as they are called. As our culture grows READ MORE
Mike Long Headshot

NC’s Opportunity Scholarship Gives Parents Educational Options (With Mike Long)

North Carolina is one of the leading states in the nation in the area of school choice. In addition to the wide variety of READ MORE
Josh Payne Headshot

A NC Detransitioner Sues Her Doctors (With Josh Payne)

As a teenager, Prisha Mosley was told that she was born in the wrong body and that transitioning her gender would solve the various READ MORE
Dr. Jennifer Roback Morse Headshot

The Danger And Detachment Of Surrogacy (With Dr. Jennifer Roback Morse) (Re-Air)

As couples are increasingly unable to have children for a variety of reasons, many are hiring surrogate mothers to carry their babies for them. READ MORE
Mary Szoch headshot

Perinatal Hospice: Loving Babies Born With Life-Limiting Conditions (With Mary Szoch)

One of the most frequent arguments in favor of abortion is the cases of babies who receive a prenatal diagnosis of a life-limiting medical READ MORE
Adam Holz Headshot

How to Create a Media-Savvy Family (With Adam Holz)

The rise of smartphones, tablets, and other technology-driven devices over the last few decades has forced many parents to consider how to best manage READ MORE
Timothy Carney Headshot

How To Combat A Family-Unfriendly Culture (With Timothy Carney)

Parenting is hard. And our culture has made it even harder, pushing parents to do more and more to invest in and protect their READ MORE
Joshua Arnold headshot

A Biblical View Of Immigration (With Joshua Arnold)

Immigration is a tricky subject. Varying approaches have good points and valid concerns, leaving the issue without a simple answer. Like all challenging issues, READ MORE
Nancy Pearcey Headshot

Is Masculinity Really Toxic? (with Nancy Pearcey)

Over the last several decades, the feminist movement has waged a war on men and condemned masculinity as “toxic.” But how did we get READ MORE
George Barna headshot

How to Teach Your Children a Biblical Worldview (with Dr. George Barna)

Did you know that the majority of church leaders, including youth pastors, don’t have a biblical worldview? In light of this, it is more READ MORE
Kallie Fell Headshot

Sharing the Stories of Those Hurt by the Transgender Movement (With Kallie Fell)

The transgender movement has hurt countless people, including many children who have been told that presenting as the opposite sex will solve their problems. READ MORE
Dr. Brad Wilcox Headshot

Can Getting Married Save Civilization? With Dr. Brad Wilcox

Marriage rates have dropped 65% in the last 50 years. Many individuals no longer value getting married the way they used to, and this READ MORE
Danielle Pimentel Headshot

How North Carolina Compares to Other States on Issues of Life and Death

After Roe v. Wade was overturned in 2022, many states across the country started enacting pro-life legislation and restricting abortion access. These changes can be READ MORE