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2023 Winston-Salem Dinner with Joseph Backholm

Joseph Backholm speaking at a lecturn at NC Family's Winston-Salem Dinner

NC Family enjoyed a great evening of fun and fellowship as we gathered with friends and supporters at Bridger Field House on Thursday, November 2, for our 2023 Winston-Salem Dinner. Our Keynote Speaker, Joseph Backholm, challenged and inspired our audience with a message on the importance of living all aspects of our lives from a biblical worldview. His message could not have been more timely or appropriate, considering the tense and unstable environment we face both domestically and internationally.

You can hear Joseph Backholm’s encouraging and convicting message below! 

Joseph Backholm

Joseph Backholm is a lawyer, columnist, podcast host, worldview instructor, and Senior Fellow for Biblical Worldview at Family Research Council. He is the host of the podcast, OutStanding, where he facilitates ongoing conversations about the news of the day and the ideas that shape us. He also served as the director of What Would You Say? at the Colson Center for Christian worldview, where he created a YouTube channel answering common questions about faith and culture


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