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POV: NCAA Announcement Is Political Correctness Run Amok

The NCAA Board of Governors says it plans to move seven NCAA championships events previously scheduled to take place in North Carolina to other locations based on what it calls “the cumulative actions taken by the state concerning civil rights protections.” Apparently, the “civil rights protections” the NCAA has in mind are specifically designed for individuals who identify as LGBT (lesbian, gay bisexual and transgender) and are far more important to the organization’s leadership than the constitutional right to privacy and safety of male and female athletes competing in NCAA events; of staff people working at these events; and of girls and boys and men and women who seek to use the bathroom at venues hosting NCAA sporting events.

In his statement about the decision, NCAA President Mark Emmert says, “We believe in providing a safe and respectful environment at our events and are committed to providing the best experience possible for college athletes, fans and everyone else taking part in our championships.” It seems allowing men to enter women’s restrooms, locker rooms, and showers in sporting facilities across the nation is now part of the NCAA’s notion of “a safe and respectful environment.” As far as “providing the best experience possible,” what about women and children who have been victimized by sexual assault and who would fear that a man would appear in the restroom, shower, or locker room they are using at one of these venues?

The NCAA’s actions represent the height of hypocrisy and political correctness run amok.

North Carolina’s nondiscrimination laws that were adopted and/or modified by House Bill 2 are essentially the same as those of a majority of other states across the nation and the federal government. (See the maps below.) In fact, North Carolina is one of the 28 states that do not recognize “sexual orientation” and/or “gender identity” as legally protected classifications in state employment non-discrimination laws. Federal employment law also does not include these classifications.


Likewise, North Carolina is one of the 29 states that do not include “sexual orientation” and/or “gender identity” in statewide public accommodation laws. Similar to employment law, federal public accommodation law does not recognize these classifications either.


Just like the bully tactics of the so-called Human Rights Campaign, the ACLU, the Obama Administration, the NBA, and others, the NCAA is now attempting to use its elevated position and economic status to force a radical social agenda on our state.  While this decision may have a limited economic impact on North Carolina, there is no price tag we can or should place on the importance of protecting the privacy and safety of women and children!


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