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National Day of Prayer This Thursday

This Thursday, May 5, people of faith across the country will participate in the National Day of Prayer. This annual day, which was established by Congress in 1952, sees hundreds of prayer events—both virtual and in-person—being held across our nation.

Here in North Carolina, there are at least 75 individual National Day of Prayer events scheduled. To find an event in your city or town, visit the National Day of Prayer Find an Event page. Their website also provides numerous resourceswith various prayers you can pray on Thursday. In particular, they feature prayers for “seven centers of influence in our nation,” including government, media, military, family, and the church.

Specific prayer events to note are the observance in Raleigh, which will be held downtown next to the legislative building in Bicentennial Plaza at noon, and the 2022 National Broadcast, which is a nationwide event beginning at 8pm ET.

Please join NC Family in observing the 2022 National Day of Prayer.


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