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HB2 Lawsuit Would Take Charlotte “Bathroom Policy” Statewide!

After wading through a jumble of outlandish arguments contained in the legal complaint filed this morning by the ACLU and Lambda Legal Defense Fund against newly enacted House Bill 2, it became readily apparent that these groups are now pushing to take Charlotte’s radical policy STATEWIDE! 

That’s right! The goal of the lawsuit is to force “all public schools and universities, executive branch agencies, and public agencies” to “allow individuals, including transgender people, to use single-sex facilities in accordance with their gender identity.” This means that if the lawsuit is successful, men could enter women’s restrooms, showers, locker rooms, and other facilities in public buildings all across the State of North Carolina.

The lawsuit also seeks to turn state policy on its head and allow local governments to exceed their authority by passing discriminatory ordinances, like the Charlotte City Council attempted to do. This would force businesses, organizations and individuals across North Carolina (including churches, church schools and church ministries) to abide by local government mandates regarding issues like sexuality or face legal action.

This is an appalling and inexcusable effort to supersede common sense laws in North Carolina and replace them with radical policies that are clearly out of touch with the values of the majority of North Carolinians,” said NC Family president John L. Rustin. “It is particularly disturbing that those who oppose HB 2 continue to misrepresent the law in outlandish ways and seek to put the safety of women, children, elderly, and others at risk to accommodate the desires of a few!”

To set the record straight:

  • HB 2 does not impact the ability of businesses to adopt their own internal employment, non-discrimination, or bathroom policies;
  • HB 2 simply says that state and local governments must abide by a statewide policy regarding the use of single-sex multiple occupancy bathrooms by individuals based on the biological sex stated on their birth certificate (which, by law, can be changed if an individual undergoes sex reassignment surgery);
  • HB 2 also establishes a statewide policy regarding the use of and access to public accommodations in North Carolina so that individuals are not discriminated against because of race, religion, color, national origin, or biological sex;
  • HB 2 also establishes statewide standards in areas of employment and contracting.

For more information on what the law allows and does not allow, see our article from March 24, Cutting Through The Media Bias; The Truth About HB 2.


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