Family North Carolina

Winter 2012

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About This Issue

AT ISSUE: Strengthen and Protect

The year 2012 promises to be big for North Carolina, and this issue of Family North Carolina reflects that fact. Before the main event—the November General Election—North Carolinians must go to the polls in the primary, currently scheduled for May 8th. Aside from making their voices heard on which candidates they would prefer in the […] READ MORE

Feature Story

The Gold Standard: Why Marriage Is Best for Men, Women, Children and Society

Cash, outside of its economic implications, is really nothing more than some paper, thread, and dye. The “value” of this paper, relies on the perception of what it represents. Through the course of history, great minds have debated the economic functionality of that representation. “The Gold Standard” was the simplified explanation of this paper money […] READ MORE

Spotlight Story

Protecting God’s First Institution

Christians are called to be both salt and light. As the day draws closer to the primary election in May 2012, the faith community, both in North Carolina and around the United States, partners in a Gospel-advancing cause—to preserve the age-old definition of marriage, God’s first institution, as the union of one man and one […] READ MORE

Spotlight Story

Poisonous Fruit: Abortion’s Dark Beginnings and Eugenics

One may think this statement was made by a Supreme Court Justice who sat on the bench in 1927, and was referring to the Buck v. Bell case, which upheld the constitutionality of forcible sterilization. However, this startling statement was made by Supreme Court Justice Ruth Ginsberg in an interview with the New York Times Magazine on […] READ MORE

Spotlight Story

Marriage: In Societies Moral Crosshairs

One cursory look across the moral landscape of American culture would inform even the most casual of observers that “progress” is perhaps the greatest threat to society. Women are allowed to kill their unborn children, the Ten Commandments are prohibited from hanging on courtroom walls, and now the debate rages as to whether marriage—one of […] READ MORE

Spotlight Story

True Love Does Wait

There really are two kinds of love, and there’s something to be had from both of them. The first kind of love is really the old word “infatuation,” where you feel singled out by a person. It’s very exciting, and who you are seems to rest on how [that person] responds to you. That does […] READ MORE

Spotlight Story

Supporting the Marriage Amendment Campaign

North Carolina’s election laws impose reporting obligations on any organization, including a business or church, that spends more than $100 to lobby the general public for or against a ballot referendum, such as the proposed Marriage Protection Amendment to the State Constitution that will be voted upon on May 8, 2012. The disclosure rules do […] READ MORE

Commentary from the president

Gambling With Families

In 2005, then Lieutenant Governor, Beverly Perdue, cast the deciding vote in the Senate that allowed the State to enter the lottery business. This was the capstone of a 23-year effort by the gambling industry to obtain a lottery in our state. After the lottery began operation, the General Assembly banned video poker and later […] READ MORE