Family North Carolina Spring/Summer 2019

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Feature Story

The “Charming” and Alarming Face of New Marijuana

In this Evidentiary Guide to Marijuana, our goal is to provide current and evidence-based information on marijuana and related substances in a succinct and easily accessible format. It is meant to provide a tool for those who wish to combat the flood of misinformation surrounding marijuana and to be an able assistant in, what can often […] READ MORE

About This Issue

AT ISSUE: Crouching At The Door

The image of New York State legislators and Governor Andrew Cuomo laughing and wildly applauding after signing a law that legalizes abortion up until birth is seared on my brain. I can’t get away from it. These representatives also erased from their state’s criminal statutes any penalty for violence against unborn children. As a consequence, […] READ MORE

Feature Story

Depolarizing America: The art of talking across the aisle

Imagine this: two political rivals sharing breakfast and conversation together with the goal of listening and understanding rather than debating or convincing. That’s exactly what Traci Griggs, Communications Director at NC Family, and Tracy Hollister, former Program Manager at Marriage Equality USA, are doing on an ongoing basis. On paper, these women could not be […] READ MORE

Feature Story

A Child-Centric Approach to Public Policy

Have you ever been accused of bigotry for your support of traditional marriage? Yeah, me too. In fact it was that very accusation in 2012, from both Facebook friends and the media at large that finally made this non-confrontational pastor’s wife… snap. That’s when it became clear to me that no matter how many gay […] READ MORE

Commentary from the president

PERSPECTIVE: Life Is Cherished

North Carolina is a great place to live. It’s a great place to raise a family. And, it’s a great place to run a business. The landscape is beautiful—from the mountains to the coast. The climate is ideal—we get to experience all four seasons. Our population is diverse and growing more so every day. We […] READ MORE