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ALERT: Urge Lawmakers To Protect Privacy & Safety in NC!

North Carolina leaders need to hear from you TODAY!

Following the unfortunate and misguided announcements this week by the NCAA and ACC that they are moving championship games out of North Carolina, some state lawmakers who supported House Bill 2 are reportedly considering amendments or a full repeal of the bill. Some are even calling for a Special Session to make changes to this common sense legislation! In response, we all need to come together and let our state leaders know that no matter what the price, we will never sacrifice the privacy, safety and dignity of women and children in our state by giving men a free pass to enter women’s restrooms, showers, changing rooms and locker rooms. 

 Please take a moment right now to visit the NC Family Action Center to contact your state legislators and Governor Pat McCrory and urge them to continue to defend privacy and safety in North Carolina and to stand strong in defense of House Bill 2. Alerts are set up that will help you send emails to your members of the State House and Senate and to call Governor McCrory’s office.

 If you would like to also call your state representative and senator, you can find their contact information by entering your zip code and clicking on the “GO” button in the box at the bottom of the NC Family Action Center



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