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ALERT: Encourage Your NC Legislators to Stand Strong on HB2 as Session Winds Down

Next week may be the last week of the 2016 Session as lawmakers work to reach a compromise on the budget bill before July 1, the start of the state fiscal year. We need to make one last push this weekend and early next week to encourage members of the NC Senate and NC House to hold the line on HB2, North Carolina’s common sense Bathroom Privacy and Safety Law!

Please go to the NC Family Action Center and follow the simple steps to send an email your state legislators. If you are also interested in calling your state Representative and Senator, you can find their contact information by entering your zip code and clicking on the “GO” button in the box at the bottom of the Action Center page.

As we have mentioned before, lawmakers are facing intense pressure from pro-LGBT groups like the Human Rights Campaign, the ACLU, and others to repeal or significantly amend House Bill 2. It is important that you contact your members of the General Assembly and let them know that North Carolinians support House Bill 2 and do not want to see it changed!

TAKE ACTION: Go to NC Family’s Action Center NOW, and urge your state House and Senate members to STAND FIRM on House Bill 2!


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