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2023 Greenville Dinner with Coach Joseph Kennedy

NC Family’s 2023 Dinner in Greenville, NC on March 13, 2023 featured Coach Joseph Kennedy, a football coach turned First Amendment champion. Watch Coach Kennedy’s full address in Charlotte by clicking the video below.

Coach Kennedy shared how God has worked in his life, especially during a seven-year legal battle that resulted from his simple commitment to pray after each football game. You can learn more about Coach Kennedy and his fight for First Amendment rights by watching the video below.

Coach Joseph Kennedy

Coach Joe Kennedy, an eighteen-year Marine veteran, was an assistant coach for the Bremerton High School (BHS) varsity football team. Before he even coached his first game, the Marine-turned-football coach made a commitment to God that he would give thanks at the conclusion of each game for what the players had accomplished and for the opportunity to be part of their lives through football.

After the whistle of his very first football game in 2008, Coach Kennedy took a knee and quietly prayed, thanking God for his players. His quiet, private prayers lasted only 15-30 seconds. Coach Kennedy continued this practice after every game for seven years. Then, he was fired by the school district for praying in public, and his case went all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court. Hear more about this incredible journey by watching the video above!



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