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Voter Registration Deadline Approaching!

A very important election deadline is fast approaching! If you are interested in voting in the upcoming primary elections that are taking place on May 8, the deadline to register to vote is this Friday, April 13.

If you wish to check your registration status, go to the Voter Search page on the State Board of Elections website.

Steps to take if you are not registered to vote:

1) Obtain a Voter Registration Form

You can download the form here.  If you do not have access to a printer, the form is available for free at the NC State Board of Elections office, County Boards of Elections offices, Public Libraries, Public high schools or college admissions offices.

2) Complete and sign the Voter Registration Form

3) Mail or hand-deliver the completed and signed registration form to your county board of elections.

  • County board of elections locations and mailing addresses can be found here.
  • If you are mailing your form, the postmark MUST be on or before the April 13 deadline.
  • If you cannot provide a valid NC drivers license number, ID card number, or social security number on the Voter Registration Form, you must enclose, with the completed and signed form, a copy of EITHER:
    • A current and valid photo ID, or
    • A current utility bill, bank statement, government check, or other government document that shows your name and address.

If you are unable to register prior to the April 13 deadline, you will still be able to register in person and vote during the early voting period, which runs from April 19 through May 5. For more information about early voting and same day registration, visit the State Board of Election website.


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