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AT ISSUE: A Season of Learning

Putting this magazine together has been a season of learning for me. To start with, I’ve never put together a magazine, so the process itself was new to me (I was a staff member for the student newspaper in college, but that’s not quite the same thing). Even more than that, though, each of the feature articles taught me so much.

As I was interviewing women in charge of pregnancy resource centers in preparation to write “True Women’s Empowerment,” I learned a lot about the many challenges there are for women facing an unplanned pregnancy. I’ve been involved in the pro-life movement since high school, even interning at a pregnancy resource center during grad school, but talking to these women gave me a whole new perspective. From finding housing and childcare to being able to afford the prenatal appointments, choosing life is often not the straightforward decision it might seem. With so many states pursuing pro-life legislation after the Dobbs decision, pregnancy resource centers are more necessary now than ever.

Jaden’s piece reveals just how deeply gambling impacts individuals along with their family and community. Gambling is often seen simply as a form of entertainment, but, unfortunately, it is nowhere near that innocent. The increased risks it brings to individuals, families, and communities is a fact that must be reckoned with, especially as many are attempting to expand gambling in North Carolina. The economic opportunity it is said to bring is not worth the destruction that will ensue.

Finally, I think it’s safe to say that I have learned more about government in the five months I’ve been at NC Family than I did in my high school government class. John’s preview on what we can expect from the NC Legislature this year is both informative and encouraging, and covers a wide range of topics. With so many critical issues involved, it is vital that we are active and informed citizens and get involved in the policies that will affectus and our families.

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AnnaScott Cross is the Communications Director for the North Carolina Family Policy Council and is Editor of Family North Carolina


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