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Session Ends, HB2 Remains Intact!

The North Carolina General Assembly has adjourned the 2016 Legislative Session, and the state’s common sense bathroom privacy and safety bill, House Bill 2, remains intact!

“Despite unrelenting pressure throughout the session from national and state level LGBT activist groups and others, a vast majority of state legislators remained resolute in defense of HB2,” said NC Family president John L. Rustin. “NC Family applauds and thanks the leadership and other members of the North Carolina House and Senate who stood firm for privacy, safety and dignity for all North Carolina citizens.”

“We also thank all of the citizens across the state who took the time over the past few months to contact their elected officials and urge them to resist any changes to HB2,” Rustin continued. “As always, your efforts have made a huge difference in preserving and protecting family values in North Carolina!”

For more information and resources about the history and purpose of HB 2, please visit our special HB2 resource page on the NC Family website.


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