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Senator Joyce Krawiec Receives NC Family’s Life & Liberty Award at Annual Dinner

John Rustin awarding Joyce Krawiec Life & Liberty Award

Last night, at NC Family’s 2023 Winston-Salem Dinner, State Senator Joyce Krawiec (R-Forsyth) was awarded NC Family’s “Life & Liberty Award” to recognize and celebrate her decades-long commitment to serving the citizens and families of North Carolina. Consistent with NC Family’s vision of “A state and nation where God is honored, religious freedom flourishes, families thrive, and life is cherished,” this coveted award is presented to North Carolinians who have made a significant impact in protecting and defending the sanctity of human life, religious liberty, parental rights, school choice and other pro-family virtues.

Senator Krawiec has been a valued partner and friend of NC Family for many years. In fact, as NC Family President John Rustin recalled while presenting the award to Sen. Krawiec, she used to regularly carry around an inch-thick wad of papers in an oversized purse. It just so happened that those papers were copies of NC Family’s weekly updates back when they were sent out via fax instead of email. This was so that when conversations arose about key policy issues, she was armed and ready to present the facts and expertly advocate her position. As Rustin also shared, “Senator Krawiec is a dear friend, a woman of deep faith, and a tremendous example of what it means to have a servant’s heart.”

Senator Krawiec is currently serving in her fifth term in the North Carolina Senate and is Chairwoman of the Senate Health Care Committee, the Appropriations Committee on Health & Human Services, and the Committee on Pensions, Retirement & Aging. This year, she was a champion of SB 20—Care for Women, Children, and Families Act, which is North Carolina’s newest pro-life law.

NC Family is thrilled to celebrate Senator Krawiec and her tireless efforts to serve the families of North Carolina. We are excited to see the impact she will continue to have long into the future!


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