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See You At The Pole is September 27

An annual event that features the encouraging sight of students praying at school flag poles all around the country is fast approaching. See You At The Pole, a day committed to global unity and prayer for this generation, is on Wednesday, September 27. Students in every time zone will be gathering at their flagpoles and praying for their school, friends, families, churches and communities. “Fixing our eyes on Jesus” is this year’s theme from Hebrews 12:2.

See You At the Pole is all about students uniting themselves in prayer before God and interceding for their generation. For over 25 years now, it has been about that one simple act–prayer.

This year’s event falls in the middle of the Global Week of Student Prayer, which runs Sunday, September 24 through Saturday, September 30. The prayer week encourages students, whether in public, private, or home school to find new and unique ways, places and times to gather their friends to pray. The week is also dedicated to launching on-campus Bible clubs, prayer strategies, and student ministries.

Students interested in organizing one of these events will find helpful resources at the See You At The Pole website, including a checklist of action items for setting up the meeting. Young people are encouraged to line up prayer support and help from their youth pastors and parents for this student-led event. The website also has helpful resources like:

  • Tips on how to inform and communicate with school administration;
  • Videos, web icons, clip art and t-shirts for promoting the event at school and on line;
  • Information about constitutional rights upheld by U.S. Supreme Court (Young people have the right to conduct See You at the Pole events because they are student-led, before school hours, and outside of any school building);
  • Insight on how to handle distractions that may come up and any opposition they may encounter.

Get started now so you can build momentum for a successful event at your local school!


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