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Resource: Biblical Principles for Political Engagement

We live in a time of intense political polarization. The toxic tone and extreme partisanship can discourage many Christians not only from getting involved, but from even exploring what the Bible has to say about government and politics.

But we as Christians should not disengage and deny God’s calling to be salt and light in our culture. Engaging in politics is not only a civic responsibility, it is also an opportunity to obey God and show love to our neighbors.

As we approach the 2020 General Election on November 3, NC Family encourages you to avail yourselves of a valuable resource from our friends at Family Research Council. Biblical Principles for Political Engagement aims “to help Christians filter all issues, candidates, and party platforms through a biblical worldview and encourage God-honoring, faithful political engagement.”

You can download a copy of Biblical Principles for Political Engagement on the FRC website at:

You can also obtain hardcopies of this 40-plus page handbook from NC Family for a suggested donation of $5 each. This is a great resource for small group discussions, home schools studies, and to provide to neighbors and friendsContact NC Family at (919) 807-0800 to order your copies of Biblical Principles for Political Engagement

To learn more about Biblical Principles for Political Engagement, listen to NC Family’s interview with FRC’s David Closson Family Policy Matters radio.

Biblical Principles for Political Engagement is also available for electronic download on FRC’s website.


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