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Primary Voting Today!

Today is Primary Election Day! It may be difficult to believe, but the 2018 election season is upon us. Although primary elections do not receive as much attention as general elections, they are extremely important in deciding who makes public policy decisions in our state.

Please get out and vote your values!

To find out if you have a primary today, and who the candidates are:

  • Go to the NC State Board of Elections website at
  • Click on Voters > Voter Tools > Voter Lookup
  • Fill out your first and last names, click “Search” button
  • Click on your name
  • If you have a primary today, you will have a link under “Sample Ballot.”
  • Click on the “Sample Ballot” link and your sample ballot will come up. This will allow you to get the names of all the candidates running in your area.

Some of these races literally could be decided by a handful of votes, and your vote could make the difference. Please get out there and vote!


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