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VIDEO: NC Family’s 2022 Voter Guide

A straightforward source of information about North Carolina candidates

You are probably seeing election information everywhere you look right now, and it can be hard to know which information to trust. That’s why NC Family produces our nonpartisan voter guides, where we survey federal and state-level candidates and ask them where they stand on key issues.

NC Family’s voter guides are in the mail, and our voter guide website is now LIVE at:

Learn more about how you can use our Voter Guide in the video below! 

Order Voter Guides in Bulk: You still have time to order NC Family’s voter guides in bulk for distribution at your church, civic group, and community. Please note: voter guides are bundled in quantities of 100, so please be sure to let us know how many voter guides you need (in multiples of 100) when you place your order.

Support NC Family’s Voter Guide Project: NC Family is pleased to produce, print, and ship these voter guides free of charge as a service to the citizens of our state. If you would like to help NC Family cover the cost of this project and get voter guides into the hands of even more North Carolina voters, please make a generous Online Donation today.


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