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NC Family’s 2016 Voter Guide Website is Live!

We are happy to announce that NC Family’s 2016 General Election Voter Guide website is up and running! This website is a great resource for voters across the state to quickly and easily see where candidates stand on issues like the sanctity of life, religious liberty, and school choice.

You can access this great educational resource at

At the NC Family Voter Guide website, you can:

  • Enter your name and address and generate a personalized Voter Guide with your own congressional and state legislative districts;
  • Download the entire 24-page Voter Guide;
  • Access candidate’s written responses and explanations;
  • Quickly locate important election related dates and registration information.

Printed copies of the 2016 Voter Guide are available for distribution at your church, civic group, or neighborhood as well.  You can place bulk orders here. The Voter Guides are packaged in bundles of 100, so be sure to indicate how many you want (in multiples of 100).

About the North Carolina Family Policy Council 2016 Voter Guide: For the seventh election cycle in a row, NC Family is pleased to provide the voters of North Carolina with an impartial, nonpartisan statewide Voter Guide. The 2016 Voter Guide includes information about the candidates that you simply cannot get anywhere else. This year, we surveyed more than 340 candidates running for:

• U.S. Senate and U.S. House;

• N.C. Governor, Lt. Governor, and Council of State;

• N.C. Supreme Court and N.C. Court of Appeals;

• N.C. Senate and N.C. House.

You can find out where the candidates stand on issues like the sanctity of human life, budget and taxes, school choice, sex education, gambling, religious freedom, and much more.


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