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SPECIAL RELEASE: NC Family Publishes 2023 NCGA Votes Report!

Votes Report on the 2023 Legislative Session in the NCGA

The 2023 Legislative Session was an epic year for the NC Family Policy Council! State lawmakers passed landmark legislation addressing human life, parental rights, sexuality and gender issues, fairness in women’s sports, educational choice, and much more. While the General Assembly unfortunately also legalized sports gambling and wagering on horse racing, they rejected efforts to legalize commercial gambling casinos and “medical” marijuana.

So, how did your state legislators vote on these critical issues? NC Family has just published a Special Report listing the voting records of state legislators during the 2023 Legislative Session.

If you don’t know who represents you in the State House and State Senate, visit the Find Your Legislators page on the N.C. General Assembly website.

As we prepare for the upcoming Primary Election on March 5, information like this is incredibly helpful, especially considering state legislators who are running for re-election. We encourage you to use this document to see for yourself how your legislators voted on key issues before you cast your ballot in the primaries.

Even if your legislator isn’t running for re-election, they will still be in office for the upcoming session. If you agree or disagree with how they voted last year, we encourage you to contact them and share your opinions. Our government system works best when its citizens assume an active role, and that includes both voting in elections and holding your legislators accountable while they are in office.

More About the 2023 Legislative Session

 Running from January to September, more than 1,650 bills were filed in the State House and State Senate during 2023. Of these, NC Family tracked hundreds of bills that related to our core issues, and we identified over 75 as “Top Priority” bills. NC Family staff testified over 20 times in different committees considering key legislation, and our supporters across the state contacted legislators thousands of times during the year to express their views on bills being considered.

Be Prepared for the 2024 Session

As the N.C. General Assembly reconvenes at the end of April for the 2024 “Short” Legislative Session, NC Family will be keeping our supporters apprised of all that is happening. Be sure to visit NC Family’s Action Center, which will give you an easy way to contact your legislators on critical issues. Also, make sure you are subscribed to our emails to stay up-to-date on everything that’s happening!


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