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Marijuana: Medical Miracle or Dangerous Drug?

Over the last few years, there has been an increasing push to legalize marijuana across the nation and in North Carolina. In fact, this past year, legislation passed the N.C. Senate that would legalize marijuana for a variety of “medical” purposes. Fortunately, SB 3, the so-called “NC Compassionate Care Act” was halted in the State House.

Many claim that marijuana is not addictive, has few negative side effects, and has a lot of benefits for ailments such as chronic pain and depression. How has this substance gone from being seen as a dangerous recreational drug to a medical miracle, and is this accurate? PragerU just released a video explaining how marijuana works, and providing some helpful information.

PragerU’s “What’s Wrong with Marijuana?” Video

In this video, Dr. Drew Pinsky – physician, board-certified internist, and addiction medicine specialist – shares his perspective on marijuana. Looking at what he has seen firsthand for over 20 years, including as much as a thirtyfold increase in THC levels in the drug, he walks viewers through the science of how marijuana interacts with the brain. He goes on to share research that has found that one out of every four perfectly healthy people who started using marijuana on a regular basis developed a severe mental disorder, and that marijuana use has been linked to suicide, spontaneous vomiting, and a variety of mental illnesses.

As Dr. Pinsky points out, this is important information that is often ignored in current debates over marijuana, especially by the cannabis industry and policymakers who support legalization.


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