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Make Your Voice Heard at the U.S. Supreme Court

Please read and respond to the following message from our friends and allies at Alliance Defending Freedom:

Parents, grandparents, public school students, and concerned community members, now is the time to act if you want to protect student privacy.

In May 2016, the federal government issued a mandate demanding that schools must let boys in the girls’ locker rooms, shower facilities, and restrooms … and vice versa. This mandate is not limited to certain areas of the country. It impacts all public and private educational institutions, from preschool to post-graduate school, that receive federal funds.

All children have the right to privacy and cannot be forced to share intimate facilities, undress, and even shower with the opposite sex. The common sense and compassionate solution to respect the privacy and safety of everyone is to offer single-sex facilities for those who are uncomfortable using locker rooms and showers designated for their biological sex. But the new federal mandate is not focused on common sense or real compassion. Instead, the federal government is putting our children and grandchildren at risk and violating their constitutional right to bodily privacy.

It’s time to make your voice heard. One of several federal lawsuits highlighting this issue is now being considered for review by the U.S. Supreme Court. In Gloucester County School Board v. G.G., a student is demanding access to facilities reserved for members of the opposite sex.

There is a good chance the Supreme Court will decide to hear the case, but we need to make sure they know where the American people stand on this issue. That’s why Alliance Defending Freedom has prepared a friend-of-the-court brief that you can sign to tell the Court that you want to protect the right to bodily privacy for all students.

You can help protect privacy for all students and make your voice heard at the U.S. Supreme Court by signing the brief today.


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