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Great Turnout to Pray For Our State And Nation

North Carolina residents streamed into downtown Raleigh today from all parts of the state—including flood-soaked eastern counties—to pray for our state and nation and its leaders. Franklin Graham, making Raleigh his last stop on a 50-state Decision America tour, introduced each topic and asked those in attendance to pray out loud. People walking by the historic Capitol Building at lunchtime could hear the murmur of thousands of people praying simultaneously and with one heart.

Graham also brought an encouraging message as we enter the final month before the November 8 General Election. He underscored that North Carolina is an important swing state this year. In regard to the presidential election, Graham did not endorse a candidate but urged all North Carolinians to vote “even if you have to hold your nose!” Graham had high praise for North Carolina leaders who are holding strong on key issues despite being the target of very public scorn.

Graham 2.jpg

NC Family staff distributed 6,000 Voter Guides and had the opportunity to meet and greet many of you! It’s not too late to order the NC Family 2016 Voter Guide in bulk to distribute to your church, civic group and neighborhood. You can also go online to to view a personalized Voter Guide.

Let’s continue to pray for our state and nation in the critical weeks ahead!


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