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Get Your Personalized NC Voter Guide Now!

North Carolina voters can now get their very own personalized 2018 General Elections Voter Guide at The on line version of our popular paper voter guides went live today!

Simply fill in your name and address and click the button that says “Get My Personalized Voter Guide” and you can view and download information on candidates from your district on important issues like the sanctity of life, religious liberty, educational choice, free speech, and much more.

Please share with your family, friends, church members, neighbors and co-workers. One Stop Early Voting begins on Wednesday, October 17, so we have no time to lose!

In addition to the personalized online version, 2018 Voter Guides are also available for bulk order to distribute in your churches and neighborhoods. It’s not too late to order printed voter guides in stacks of 100 to be shipped directly to you or your church at no charge to you! You can order printed Voter Guides by: clicking here; sending an email to; or by calling 919-807-0800.

NC Family is happy to provide this valuable resource to the people of North Carolina free of charge. We surveyed over 400 candidates running for: U.S. House of Representatives; NC Supreme Court and NC Court of Appeals; NC Senate and NC House; and we printed 300,000 copies to be distributed across the state, at a cost of $100,000. If you would like to contribute to help defray the cost of this endeavor, please click on the link below. And thank you!


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