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Gambling Bills On The Move!

As Memorial Day approaches, state lawmakers are awash with proposals that would expand legalized gambling in North Carolina. The Senate version of the state budget includes a provision that would double the advertising budget for the state lottery to over $46 million next year. This past Tuesday, the House Finance Committee approved a bill that would allow charitable organizations to employ gambling and alcohol as the focus of fundraising events. And last week, a measure that would legalize online Daily Fantasy Sports gambling in North Carolina was defeated by the House Regulatory Reform Committee, but a similar bill is poised to come up for a hearing in a Senate committee next Wednesday.

NC Family is the lead organization opposing all of these efforts in the General Assembly, but we need your help! Here are three things you can do TODAY:

1. PRAY that our state lawmakers will do the right thing for the citizens and families of North Carolina! An expanded presence of gambling in our state means that more citizens would gamble. As a result, a greater number would develop a problem or pathological gambling addiction. Decades of research clearly shows that gambling addiction results in higher instances of crime, theft, unemployment, bankruptcy, domestic violence, child abuse, divorce, and even suicide. Expanding gambling is NEVER in the best interest of our children and families! Please PRAY!

2. TAKE ACTION by visiting the NC FAMILY ACTION CENTER and emailing your members of the State House and State Senate about these critically important issues! We have crafted Action Alerts for each of the issues mentioned above, and we urge you to contact your representatives in the General Assembly and ask them to OPPOSE these harmful bills. Please TAKE ACTION!

3. SUPPORT NC Family by making a secure online donation to assist our efforts! As you can imagine, NC Family and our allies face incredible odds as we stand against a gambling industry that is pouring millions into the state to try to get these bills passed. Our work is funded entirely through engaged and active citizens and families across North Carolina who understand how important it is to stand in the gap for Godly principles and the Truth and who partner with NC Family. Your generous gift will help bolster our efforts and encourage us as we fight for the families of North Carolina. Please GIVE GENEROUSLY!

Thank you for Standing in the Gap with NC Family!



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