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My dear friends, I hope this message finds you and your family well. This may be the most important appeal I have ever had to make to you. I don’t say this to be alarmist—I hope by now you know that is not in my nature or the nature of NC Family. But I am fully convinced that the next two months may be one of the most critical periods we have faced in the history of our state and our nation.

I truly believe the outcome of the November 8th General Election will have more of an impact on the future of religious liberty, the sanctity of human life, the stability and prosperity of families across our country, and the fundamental character of our nation than any election in our lifetimes.

 NC Family needs your help! We must all strengthen our resolve, join hands across the state, and work together to preserve and protect all that we hold dear!

Last year, the NC Family Board of Directors adopted a new Vision Statement to help guide our efforts: “A state and nation where God is honored, religious freedom flourishes, families thrive and life is cherished.”  We deeply value this statement because it encapsulates in one simple sentence why we do all that we do. And when I say “we,” I mean all of us working together as partners in relentless pursuit of this vision.

But the very ideals envisioned in this statement are at risk in the next two months!

Consider that the next President will appoint up to four new Justices to the U.S. Supreme Court. With all the cases currently pending in federal courts—and others certain to come—with implications for religious freedom, human sexuality, bathroom privacy, abortion, end-of-life issues, parental rights, and other human liberties, the stakes for North Carolina families could not be higher.

North Carolina also stands as a stronghold in the effort to safeguard the future of religious liberty in our nation. We are the only state that has successfully stood up against the radical social agenda and bully tactics of left-leaning extremists like the so-called Human Rights Campaign, the ACLU, the Obama Administration, and now the NCAA, that want to give men a free pass to enter restrooms, locker rooms, showers, and changing rooms with women and children—even in our public schools.

In a recent article in National Review, renowned marriage and family expert Maggie Gallagher predicted the outcome of North Carolina’s gubernatorial race will be pivotal in determining the future of religious liberty in the United States, and I couldn’t agree more! I don’t say this as an endorsement of any candidate. Rather, it is a foregone conclusion that if Governor Pat McCrory loses re-election, the national media will blame it on his stalwart defense of our state’s common sense bathroom privacy and safety law, HB2, which has been so vehemently mischaracterized by radical activists and the media. But, if Governor McCrory is victorious, it will show that our elected leaders can courageously stand for what is right and survive unwarranted political attacks like we’ve seen here. Believe me, political leaders from across the nation are watching North Carolina, and they will act based on what happens this election.

Furthermore, the North Carolina General Assembly—which has done more in the past six years to bolster families, protect unborn babies, advance parental choice in education, and defend religious freedom in our state than in any time in recent history—is up for election this year as well.

Sitting this election out is not an option – there is far too much at stake!

That is why NC Family is fully engaged this election season. NC Family has just sent our 2016 General Election Voter Guide to the printer, and we are producing half-a-million for distribution in churches, civic organizations, and neighborhoods across the state! In order to produce this 24-page, nonpartisan Voter Guide, we surveyed over 340 candidates on their positions on religious liberty, bathroom privacy, abortion and life issues, school choice, gambling, tax policy, and more, because we want to make sure North Carolina voters have the information they need to make informed decisions when they go to the polls. Voters will also be able to access this critically important information online via the NC Family Voter Guide website, which will go live in early October.

Additionally, our sister organization NC Family Action (a 501(c)(4) nonprofit) is engaged in a statewide voter education and mobilization effort to urge conservative Christian voters to exercise their right and responsibility to vote. Through this effort, we will communicate directly with hundreds of thousands of North Carolina voters who otherwise might stay home on Election Day. In recent years, we have seen far too many Christians sit out elections, and this simply cannot happen again!

Friends, we have a unique opportunity to step up and be leaders for our nation. Just like Esther in the Bible, I truly believe we all have been called for such a time as this. Because North Carolina is one of the top battleground states in the U.S., each of these efforts are vital to our future, but we need your help!

The NC Family team is blessed to have the skills and knowledge to make a big difference this election season, but we need your support and participation to help us fully maximize these resources.

Will you please consider making a special one-time gift—over and above what you normally give—to assist us in these efforts? If you are able to participate financially, please prayerfully consider all that I have said, and give to your fullest extent.

  • You can give a tax-deductible gift to NC Family by clicking on the “Donate to NC Family” link below the video. These gifts will help to support and enhance our efforts to educate hundreds of thousands of voters across North Carolina.
  • You can also make a contribution to NC Family Action, our 501(c)(4) sister organization, by clicking on the “Donate to NC Family Action” link below the video. These gifts, not tax deductible, will help greatly with our voter mobilization efforts to make sure that like-minded, conservative voters get out and vote their values this election.
  • If you would prefer to write a check instead, the mailing addresses for both organizations are included [above].

Thank you so much for your time, for your support, and most importantly, for your prayers. We are excited about the opportunities ahead and look forward to partnering with you to make sure North Carolina remains a state we are proud to call home! Thank you so much and God bless you and your family!


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