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Since 1999, our 15-minute weekly radio program, Family Policy Matters features interviews with nationally recognized experts on a wide range of family policy issues. Family Policy Matters airs each week on the following radio stations across North Carolina and can also be streamed on the NC Family website by clicking on the titles below.

Belmont/Charlotte–WCGC 1270 AM, Sun., 11:45 AM
Bennett/Asheboro–WYTR 88.1 FM, Sat., 2:00 PM
Charlotte/Gastonia-WCRU 960 AM/105.7 FM, Sat., 6:00 AM
Charlotte/Harrisburg–WOGR 1540 AM/ 88.3 FM, Sat., 3:45 PM
Durham-WDRU 105.5 FM, Sat., 6:00 AM
Fayetteville–WCLN 105.7/107.3 FM, Sat., 7:00 AM
Greensboro/Winston Salem–WTRU 830 AM/97.7 FM, Sat., 6:00 AM
Newland–WECR 1130 AM, Sat., 9:06 AM
Raleigh/Durham-WETC 540 AM, Sat., 11:00 AM

Raleigh–WDRU 1030 AM/105.7 FM, Sat., 6:30 AM
Rocky Mount–WLQC 103.1 FM, Sun., 10:00 PM
Salisbury–WOGR 93.3 FM, Sat., 3:45 PM
Sanford–WLHC 103.1 FM, Sun., 10:00 PM
Taylorsville-WACB 860 AM; Wed., 5:00 PM
Troy-WJRM 1390 AM; Sun., 8:15 AM
Wake Forest-WFNE 103.5 FM; Sat., 1:00 PM
Wilmington–WZDG 88.5 FM, Sun., 5:30 AM & 6 PM
Winston-Salem/Piedmont Triad Area–WPIP 880 AM, Sun., 5:00 PM.

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Headshot of Dr. Susan Bane

An OB/GYN Corrects Abortion Myths (Re-Air)

Since the North Carolina Legislature passed a major pro-life bill this spring, we have heard many myths about abortion and the so-called “dangers” of READ MORE
Brent Leatherwood Headshot ERLC

The New Focus for the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission

The Southern Baptist Convention does some amazing work, both at a nationwide and local level. But what some may not know is that their READ MORE

3 Ways the 2024 Elections Will Look Different in North Carolina

The North Carolina Supreme Court recently reversed decisions on three key cases that will impact the elections coming up in 2024. These issues include READ MORE
Alvin Lui headshot

How Some School Systems Are Damaging Our Children

Over the last decade, we have seen a drastic shift in America’s youth. We have abnormally high numbers of teens identifying as transgender, an READ MORE

Taking People Out of Our Lives: The Damage of the Sexual Revolution

From abortion to divorce, the Sexual Revolution altered our culture in countless ways. Families have been torn apart from the societal changes brought about READ MORE
Arielle Del Turco Headshot

Attacks on Churches Mean Attacks on Religious Liberty

Attacks against churches in the United States have been steadily rising over the past five years. According to a report from the Family Research READ MORE
Headshot of Dr. Jean Twenge

The Danger in Our Pockets and How It’s Hurting Our Teens

Over the last decade, we have seen a drastic rise in mental health problems, especially amongst teens. This has become apparent not just in READ MORE
Headshot of Erika Bachiochi

Reclaiming Feminism

“Feminism” is a word that often stirs up strong emotional reactions. Some people are strongly for it, and others are strongly opposed. The truth READ MORE
Headshot of Jaime Zerbe

Legalizing Marijuana Isn’t Compassionate

Lately, there has been a huge push to legalize marijuana across the country for a variety of “medical” and other purposes. While many medical READ MORE

The Other Side of Racism

Over the last decade, there has become an increasing amount of pressure for organizations, especially public organizations, to meet certain ‘diversity quotas.’ This has READ MORE

Reclaiming Education on America’s Constitutional Heritage

According a recent ACTA poll, nearly 10% of recent college grads think that Judge Judy is a member of the U.S. Supreme Court. This READ MORE
Headshot of Charles Fain Lehman

Deaths of Despair: The Connection Between Drugs, Alcohol, Suicide, and Religion

Over the last several years, there has been a significant increase in what has been termed “deaths of despair” – suicide, alcohol, and drug READ MORE

Protecting Common Sense Protections

Over the past few years, North Carolina has seen several lawsuits from pro-abortion groups and individuals trying to overturn some of the laws in READ MORE

The Erasing of American History

Over the last decade, the general lack of knowledge about American government and history has become astoundingly clear. In fact, PragerU has done a READ MORE

What You Need to Know About the Parents’ Bill of Rights

You may have seen some of the headlines over the last few weeks discussing the Parents’ Bill of Rights. This bill, which was recently READ MORE
Headshot of Dr. Stan Goldfarb

“We Don’t Know What We’re Doing:” A Doctor’s Perspective on the Transgender Movement

The transgender movement has taken the world by storm over the last few years. Children who aren’t allowed to drink alcohol or drive a READ MORE