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Since 1999, our 15-minute weekly radio program, Family Policy Matters features interviews with nationally recognized experts on a wide range of family policy issues. Family Policy Matters airs each week on the following radio stations across North Carolina and can also be streamed on the NC Family website by clicking on the titles below.

Belmont/Charlotte–WCGC 1270 AM, Sun., 11:45 AM
Bennett/Asheboro–WYTR 88.1 FM, Sat., 2:00 PM
Charlotte/Gastonia-WCRU 960 AM/105.7 FM, Sat., 6:00 AM
Charlotte/Harrisburg–WOGR 1540 AM/ 88.3 FM, Sat., 3:45 PM
Durham-WDRU 105.5 FM, Sat., 6:00 AM
Fayetteville–WCLN 105.7/107.3 FM, Sat., 7:00 AM
Greensboro/Winston Salem–WTRU 830 AM/97.7 FM, Sat., 6:00 AM
Newland–WECR 1130 AM, Sat., 9:06 AM
Raleigh/Durham-WETC 540 AM, Sat., 11:00 AM

Raleigh–WDRU 1030 AM/105.7 FM, Sat., 6:30 AM
Rocky Mount–WLQC 103.1 FM, Sun., 10:00 PM
Salisbury–WOGR 93.3 FM, Sat., 3:45 PM
Sanford–WLHC 103.1 FM, Sun., 10:00 PM
Taylorsville-WACB 860 AM; Wed., 5:00 PM
Troy-WJRM 1390 AM; Sun., 8:15 AM
Wake Forest-WFNE 103.5 FM; Sat., 1:00 PM
Wilmington–WZDG 88.5 FM, Sun., 5:30 AM & 6 PM
Winston-Salem/Piedmont Triad Area–WPIP 880 AM, Sun., 5:00 PM.

What Does It Mean to Be Human?

As biomedical science and technology continue to advance, many experts are concerned about the ethics of these advancements, and believe that America’s law and READ MORE

Politics Without Fear

Despite our exhortation as Christians to fear not, we often let various types of fear prevent us from engaging in political discourse. It does READ MORE

Technology as God

A new movement called transhumanism is seeking to achieve immortality through technology, and to “advance” humanity to create super beings. This flies in the READ MORE

A Holistic Approach to Poverty Prevention

Since the mid 1960s, the United States has spent about $24 trillion on fighting poverty through various government programs. Yet, the poverty rates across READ MORE

How Can NC Become the Most Pro-Life State in the Nation?

Every year, our friends at Americans United for Life release their Life List, which ranks every state in our nation on how well they READ MORE

God’s Work in War-Torn Ukraine

Almost exactly a month ago, Russian military forces invaded Ukraine, beginning the first war in Europe since the 1990s. Millions of Ukrainian refugees have READ MORE

Redistricting 101

North Carolina’s 2022 primary election is set for May 17, and almost all litigation over new state legislative and congressional district maps has come READ MORE

The First Amendment in Crisis

We have heard a lot in the past two years about First Amendment rights being threatened or violated by various government orders and COVID-19 READ MORE

China’s War on Faith

NC Family has reported for years on the religious liberty and human rights violations taking place in China under the direction of the Chinese READ MORE

Addicted to Screens

It’s no surprise that we saw a sharp increase in screen time consumption across all ages over the past two years. Working from home READ MORE

Gearing Up for a Post-Roe America

The U.S. Supreme Court case of Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health has been making headlines for months, as people on both sides of the abortion READ MORE

The Fight for Parental Rights

Over the past two years, one of the few positives to come out of school shutdowns and a massive rise in schooling from home READ MORE
Mike Long discusses non-traditional school options and freedom to choose

The Past and Future of School Choice

North Carolina has seen numerous gains in regards to school choice over the past two years. Though we hear a lot about the impact READ MORE

The Strange New World of Identity Politics

Many of us may look around our world today at the numerous social, cultural, and political movements, and wonder how we got to this READ MORE

Gen Z, COVID, & Mental Health

One year ago, NC Family released our Winter 2021 edition of Family North Carolina magazine, with a featured article on mental health, the church, READ MORE