Family North Carolina Spring 2013


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Spotlight Story

AT ISSUE: Unintended Consequences

Editor Brittany Farrell provides an overview of the important topics covered in this issue of Family North Carolina. READ MORE

Feature Story

Abortion’s Impact on Prematurity

Dr. Martin McCaffrey uncovers the often-ignored link between a woman’s decision to have an abortion and the increased risk of delivering subsequent pregancies prematurely, which can present a plethora of difficulties for mother and child alike. READ MORE

Spotlight Story

It Doesn’t Take a Village

Attorney Mary Summa analyzes why and how the new De Facto Parenting Doctrine, granting custody and visitation to third parties, undermines the fundamental rights of all parents. READ MORE

Spotlight Story

With Charity Toward None

Attorney Christopher Derrick outlines how so-called “charitable casino nights” would lead North Carolina deep into the trenches of a statewide gambling menace. READ MORE

Spotlight Story

Boy Scouts’ Values at Stake

As homosexual activists press the Boy Scouts of America to change their long-standing membership policy, Alysse ElHage looks at why and how such a change is contrary to the mission and values of scouting. READ MORE