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Bring Your Bible To School Day Is Thursday!

Students across the United States will be exercising their faith, along with their First Amendment rights, this week as they participate in the sixth annual Bring Your Bible to School Day on Thursday, October 3, 2019.

While last month’s See You At The Pole event was primarily focused on student-led prayer, Bring Your Bible to School Day is about students outwardly expressing their faith and sharing God’s Word with their classmates. Sponsored by Focus on the Family, this event is for students from kindergarten all the way up to the college level. The Bring Your Bible website has tons of great resources to help students and families prepare and plan for this important day. There’s even a free Bring Your Bible guide with a checklist to stick on your fridge to help you plan!

As always, it is important for students—and adults alike—to remember to demonstrate the Spirit of Christ with love and respect as they share the Gospel. Students may encounter some pushback from fellow classmates, teachers, or school administrators, so we encourage parents to sit down with their children to discuss their rights before participating in Bring Your Bible to School day. That way, they can be thoroughly informed and prepared as they head to school on Thursday. Often, we find the issues that may arise from such faith-based events are due to a misunderstanding of students’ rights, and not any intentional effort to prevent the free expression of their faith.

NC Family strongly encourages you to help your children participate in Bring Your Bible to School Day, and make sure they use the #BringYourBible hashtag via social media as they share their experiences with other children and teens across the nation! 


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