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As the Dust Settles…

As the dust settles in North Carolina and we evaluate the final results of this year’s state and federal elections, all of us here at NC Family want to encourage you to take a deep breath from a hard fought battle. Let’s hug our families and make amends with friends who might not have agreed with our point of view over the past few months. We see a mix of satisfying victories, bitter defeats, and races too close to call. But it is important to recognize that each victory, while sweet, is never the ultimate solution. Likewise, each failure is never final and often contains seeds of hope hidden within. In other words, regardless of our circumstances, God is ultimately in control, and that is good!

Here at NC Family and NC Family Action, we are extremely proud of all that we were able to accomplish as we worked together with you this election cycle! We labored well, we worked hard, and we maintained our integrity throughout the process! It has been our honor to partner with you!

So, as the sun rises on November 9, let’s gather ourselves up, look to the future in light of our new reality. Important tasks still lie ahead. We will soldier with new allies  to protect religious liberty for people of all faiths; we’ll continue to fight for the rights and protection of the unborn; and as NC Family’s vision statement so appropriately states, we will continue to pursue “A state and nation where God is honored, religious freedom flourishes, families thrive and life is cherished.”

May God bless you, your family, our state and our nation!


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