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ALERT: Thank State Leaders For HB2

North Carolina Legislative Building in Raleigh

Dear Friends,

As you have probably seen, the media and LGBT activist groups are engaged in a national smear campaign against North Carolina for the passage of House Bill 2 last week. The misrepresentations and outright lies are like nothing we have ever seen before, and our courageous state leaders are being demonized and unjustly attacked for their support of HB 2. Unfortunately, LGBT groups have used these bully tactics in other states with success, and they are trying to deploy them here, but we must fight back for Truth to prevail!

I want to personally ask you to contact the following individuals to THANK them for their courage and commitment to do what is right for the State of North Carolina and our families.

Governor Pat McCrory – (919) 814-2000

Lt. Governor Dan Forest – (919) 733-7350

N.C. Senate Leader Phil Berger – (919) 733-5708

N.C. House Speaker Tim Moore – (919) 733-3451

Rep. Dan Bishop – (919) 715-3009 (primary House sponsor of HB 2)

Rep. Paul “Skip” Stam -(919) 733-2962 (helped present HB 2)

Sen. Buck Newton -(919) 715-3030 (primary Senate sponsor of HB 2)

If you’d like to see how your Senator and Representative voted on HB 2 and personally thank them if they voted in favor of HB 2, check the lists below:

How N.C. House members voted on HB 2

How N.C. Senate members voted on HB 2

Please call or email now!

Thank You,




John L. Rustin




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