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Update! Cumberland County Ousts Planned Parenthood-Sponsored Sex Education

The Cumberland County School Board held its final vote last night on a controversial sex education curriculum that was developed by Planned Parenthood.  The board voted to drop the program and will instead use a locally developed curriculum that was first implemented in 2009.

In 2016, the Cumberland County School Board approved partnering with NC Youth Connected to implement the program, Get Real: Comprehensive Sex Education That Works. As we have been reporting, this sex ed curriculum was developed by Planned Parenthood and includes explicit and age inappropriate material such as teaching 6th graders about anal and oral sex. Parents and other concerned citizens voiced their concerns about the program, which ultimately resulted in the decision yesterday to drop it completely.

Thank you to all parents and other concerned citizens who took a stand on this important issue! Your voices make a difference! NC Family will continue to monitor this situation and others like it across the state and report to you as developments arise.

Keep an eye out for our next issue of Family North Carolina magazine! We are running a feature article on sex education in North Carolina public schools. If you don’t already receive our print magazines, be sure to sign up now.


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