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Parents’ Guide for Back-to-School

All across North Carolina, parents are preparing for another school year: shopping for all the right school supplies and mentally preparing for what lies ahead. While school days look different for every family—thanks in part to the host of educational options we have in our state—below are important reminders for parents as the year begins.

  • Stay grounded. It can be taxing to be parents with all the upcoming deadlines and stresses our children will face this school year. Recommit to studying and memorizing Scripture, alone and together as a family. Dr. James Dobson has a daily devotional designed for parents that provides a great starting point.
  • Seek community with other parents. Whether you educate your children at home or send your children to school, make it a point this year to find a mentor, someone who has walked the same path that you are walking right now. Focus on the Family provides a helpful resource on what to look for in a mentor.
  • Be involved. If your children go to a conventional school, find ways you can volunteer in the school so that you are engaged and connected with your children and their friends. If you are a home school parent, look for creative ways to interact with other families through home school networks and co-ops.
  • Remind your children of their freedoms. For those who have children in a non-religious school setting, it can be easy to assume that your children should remain silent about their faith. Did you know that your children are permitted to pray before they eat lunch, pray in groups, and even share their faith with their friends at school? Check out this past story from NC Family on the religious freedoms our students can enjoy without fear.
  • Pray. More than anything, your children need prayer. Make it a point to pray with and for your children daily. You could even write and memorize a blessing for your children and make it a habit to pray those words over your children before school begins every day.
  • Enjoy. Don’t forget to enjoy these years with your child! They will be over before you know it, so take time to savor the journey.

Additional resources from Focus on the Family:

  • The “Back-to-School Challenges” series provides great insights on real issues your children may be facing.
  • Making educational decisions and guiding your children through school can be daunting. Check out these helpful resources for walking with your children through this season in their lives.

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