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Opportunity Scholarship Deadline Fast Approaching!

Parents who would like to send their children to a non-public school in North Carolina, but who need financial assistance, may apply for an Opportunity Scholarship for 2016-2017 school year. The deadline for priority consideration is this Tuesday, March 1. Applicants that meet the deadline and the eligibility standards will be entered into a lottery, which will randomly select those who will receive the scholarships. Current recipients, who wish to renew their scholarships, must also apply by the March 1 deadline. New applications will be accepted after March 1, however those who are eligible will be added to a waiting list and will only be considered if funding remains.

The Opportunity Scholarship Program was created in 2013 and is intended to allow eligible lower-income students to receive up to $4,200 to use for private school tuition. Since its initiation, over 13,000 students have applied, including 2,250 new applicants this year. In the previous two years of the program, it has provided over $9 million in scholarship funds for over 2,000 students.

For more information about the state’s Opportunity Scholarship Program and to apply or renew an application, parents can go to the North Carolina State Education Assistance Authority website at: //


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