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NC Family Presents “Life & Liberty Awards” at Charlotte Dinner

Last night at our annual Charlotte Dinner, NC Family was proud to present our “Life & Liberty Award” to two lawmakers who, according to NC Family President John L. Rustin have “set the example of courageous leadership in the public eye and behind the scenes as they tirelessly work to educate, encourage and bolster their colleagues to do the right thing.” Rustin presented NC Family’s prestigious awards to State Senator Dan Bishop (R-Mecklenburg) and State Representative Dean Arp (R-Union) before a highly appreciative audience.

“From the very moment the firestorm started right here in Charlotte, over the proposed Charlotte bathroom ordinance and then all that transpired around House Bill 2, no two members of the North Carolina General Assembly stood with more determination and more skill to defend the Truth, and the privacy, safety and dignity of women and children in our state than Senator Dan Bishop and Representative Dean Arp,” Rustin said. “And it is not just limited to HB 2, because Dan and Dean believe in and stand unwaveringly for timeless principles like the sanctity of human life, the fundamental importance of religious liberty, and the inherent dignity of every individual.”

Senator Bishop is serving his first term in the NC Senate, following one term in the NC House, and Rep. Arp is serving his third term in the NC House. (Pictured from left to right: Anne Arp, Rep. Dean Arp, NC Family President John Rustin, Senator Dan Bishop and Jo Bishop.)

Congratulations Senator Dan Bishop and Representative Dean Arp, and thank you for your leadership all for all you do for the families of North Carolina!


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