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Governor Weaponizes Taxpayer Dollars In “Conversion Therapy” Executive Order

This afternoon, N.C. Governor Roy Cooper issued an Executive Order banning state and federal funds from being used to reimburse medical and mental health professionals for “conversion therapy.” The following is a statement by NC Family President John L. Rustin in response to the Executive Order.

Governor Cooper’s Executive Order regarding ‘conversion therapy’ is a clear case of government mandated viewpoint discrimination. Weaponizing the state’s purse strings, Governor Cooper is seeking to censor and coerce physicians, psychiatrists, therapists, counselors and other medical and mental health professionals who fail to affirm their clients’ sexual behavior, gender expression, same-sex romantic attraction, or desired gender transition. Any attempt to treat a client in a contrary manner would immediately disqualify these medical professionals from payment through state and federal funds. NC Family believes all North Carolinians should be treated with the utmost dignity and respect, and those who are struggling with gender dysphoria or unwanted same-sex attractions should be able to receive the counseling and treatment they seek and deserve.

To read the Governor’s Executive Order in its entirety, click here.


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