Family North Carolina Spring 2017

Family North Carolina Spring 2017

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About This Issue

AT ISSUE: Perspective & Context

In 1861, a fellow Republican said of then president Abraham Lincoln that he “is universally an admitted failure, has no will, no courage, no executive capacity.” Another called him “weak as water.” READ MORE

Feature Story

Abortion On Campus: The aggressive campaign targeting college students for abortion

The following is a verified account of a 23-year-old college student who received a chemical abortion from Planned Parenthood: I was told after taking the [abortion] pills at home that I would probably start bleeding in about an hour. So, I made myself comfortable on the bed and turned the TV on. Ten minutes later, […] READ MORE

Spotlight Story

Faking It: How You Can Combat The Proliferation Of Fake News

At 23, Cameron Harris wanted to set himself apart. He was looking to start a consulting business during the crazy 2016 political season, but he had bills to pay. As a recent graduate from a college where tuition is over $45,000 per year, Harris decided he’d write a fake news story and see how much […] READ MORE

Spotlight Story

Religious Liberty: A Different Compass

Imagine two brothers have been dropped together into the middle of a forest, each with the same map and the shared goal of getting home. Each has a compass to help him navigate, but each compass points in a different direction for north. Both young men are sincere in their attempts to get home, but […] READ MORE

Commentary from the president

PERSPECTIVE: A Don Quixote Bill

In one scene of the 17th Century Spanish novel, Don Quixote, the protagonist hastily prepares for battle when “thirty or forty hulking giants” appear on the horizon, some with “arms well nigh two leagues in length.” The tense moment takes a turn when Quixote’s sidekick Sancho reassures his master that the giants he has imagined […] READ MORE