Family North Carolina Spring 2014

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Feature Story

Creating a Marketplace of Children

Children created through third-party reproductive means, such as anonymous sperm and egg donation, and their biological parents face unique, lifelong challenges. Fertility industry watchdog Alana Newman, who was conceived through donor-conception, explores the harms of third-party reproduction for society by sharing how donor conception has negatively impacted her life. READ MORE

Spotlight Story

Going “Off Reservation”

Attorney Christopher Derrick provides an exclusive legal analysis of why the South Carolina-based Catawba Indian nation lacks the legal authority to open a casino in Kings Mountain, N.C. READ MORE

Spotlight Story

Understanding Common Core

Kristen Blair examines Common Core, the growing controversy surrounding it, and why a growing number of parents, teachers, and states are rejecting the national education standards. READ MORE

Spotlight Story

Declaring War On Marriage

As the war on marriage escalates nationwide, Alysse ElHage provides the latest on the three federal lawsuits challenging North Carolina’s marriage laws, and presents a recent timeline of court rulings striking down state marriage protection laws. READ MORE

Spotlight Story

Plan B – The Indefensible Attack On Our Daughters

Attorney Mary Summa details the dangers of unfettered access to Plan B emergency contraception, and offers sound legislative solutions for North Carolina to protect parental authority and women’s health. READ MORE