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Faking It

Faking It

We’ve all fallen victim to it at one time or another. The story was just too juicy not to share! Then, we find out it was a fake. So embarrassing.

Whether motivated by easy money or social reengineering, fake news is a cultural trend that is probably here to stay. A keen eye, familiarity with history and reliable sources, along with a healthy dose of Scripture are great first steps to avoid becoming just another victim of misleading news and information.

In her recent article, “Faking It: How You Can Combat the Proliferation of Fake News,” NC Family Director of Communications Traci Griggs says, “In much the same way as we all work toward a balanced diet (with fewer empty calories and more foods that nourish and strengthen us), we need to resolve to spend more time each day on activities that will make us deeper and more thoughtful people and thus more knowledgeable and valuable citizens of our communities and this great country.”

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