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A Chance to Celebrate North Carolina as a Leader in School Choice

National School Choice Week kicks off next Monday, and is intended to celebrate the value of choice in education. In North Carolina, events will be held from January 26-February 1, geared toward raising awareness about school choice opportunities for families and students across the state, including private, religious, homeschool, public charter, and traditional public schools.

North Carolina is a leader in the school choice movement nationally, because our state has embraced the importance and necessity of matching the unique needs of each student with their educational environment. With a variety of education options available, parents are able to decide which factors are most important for the growth of their student, including smaller class size, creative learning approaches, a faith-based focus, or a wider variety of extracurricular activities, just to name a few.

National School Choice Week seeks to provide a fresh reminder that every child is unique, and a uniform curriculum and educational approach is not best for all students. With that in mind, the statistics for North Carolina are encouraging! “Over 1.8 million North Carolinians are enrolled in K-12 schools and almost 20 percent of those are attending public charter, private or home schools,” according to Julie Tisdale’s POV for NC Family, “A Bright Spot in Education.”

Over 2,000 events will be held across North Carolina next week to promote school choice in the state. Activities include speakers, movie screenings, luncheons, and much more. If you’d like to be involved with the celebration, click this link to find opportunities sponsored by the National School Choice Week organization. Further sponsored events include John Locke Foundation on January 27th, the Civitas Institute on January 29th, and Parents for Educational Freedom NC on January 31st.


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