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Can Getting Married Save Civilization? With Dr. Brad Wilcox

Marriage rates have dropped 65% in the last 50 years. Many individuals no longer value getting married the way they used to, and this READ MORE
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Is Masculinity Really Toxic? (with Nancy Pearcey)

Over the last several decades, the feminist movement has waged a war on men and condemned masculinity as “toxic.” But how did we get READ MORE
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Valentine’s, Ashes, and Marriage

February 14’s commemoration of the third-century Roman St. Valentine spurs many American couples to celebrate their affection with flowers, chocolates, fancy dinners, and sometimes READ MORE
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“Success Sequence” Reinforces Benefits of Traditional Principles

I’m a Zillennial. This isn’t an official generation, but I fall right on the cusp of Millennials and Gen Z, and social media has READ MORE
Brad Wilcox discusses the success sequence

Younger Marriage = Less Divorce?

Over the past decade or two, there has been a sharp increase in young couples cohabitating prior to marriage, or even cohabitating in lieu READ MORE

The COVID-19 Divorce Paradox

As the COVID-19 pandemic began a little over a year ago, and married couples were forced to spend far more time at home together, READ MORE

Family and the American Dream

The so-called “American Dream” is an ideal rooted deeply in the founding of our nation. According to this ideal, many people can achieve prosperity READ MORE

Healthy Marriage Habits

Most of us can agree that marriage is good, but just because it is good does not mean it is easy. Some of the READ MORE
JP De Gance discusses marriage, divorce and communio

The Game Plan For Fighting Divorce (Part 2)

JP De Gance, Founder and President of Communio, an organization that works to equip communities and churches to strengthen marriages, families, and faith continues READ MORE
Brad Wilcox discusses the success sequence

New Evidence: The Success Sequence Works

Dr. Bradford Wilcox, Senior Fellow at the Institute for Family Studies, discusses “the millennial success sequence,” a specific sequence of life events, including marriage READ MORE

Cohabiting with Children

Husband and wife research team, David and Amber Lapp are co-investigators for the Love and Marriage in Middle America Project at the Institute for READ MORE

POV: Healthy Families Are Key To Improving NC’s Economy

A major focus of the 2015 Legislative Session was how to improve North Carolina’s economy. Lawmakers hashed out the usual ideas—everything from creating better READ MORE

Why Marriage Matters to Financial Stability

NC Family president John Rustin talks with W. Bradford Wilcox, director of the National Marriage Project at the University of Virginia and visiting scholar READ MORE

Dispensable Marriages

“I’m done.” With just two words, Stacy Morrison’s husband announced the beginning of the end to their nearly 10-year marriage while she was making READ MORE

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