Welcome to NC Family’s 2020 Virtual Event Series!

In NC Family’s third Virtual Event on September 24, 2020, we are excited to discuss the topic of Race & Society: How Should Christians Respond? with special guest and civil rights leader Clarence Henderson.



Additional NC Family Resources:

NC Family Promo Video – About NC Family

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2020 Voter Guide Website – Our nonpartisan Voter Guide online!

Visit the Voter Guide website to print your personalized Voter Guide, download a PDF of the complete Voter Guide, or order print Voter Guides in bulk for distribution at your church, civic group and community. Our comprehensive, nonpartisan Voter Guide helps NC voters know where candidates stand on key issues impacting NC families.


Family North Carolina magazine – NC Family’s flagship publication

Our latest Summer 2020 edition features “Pink or Blue? Guiding Parents Through the Transgender Trend.” Other articles spotlight “The Triumph of School Choice” and provide “An Inside Look at Adoption.”



Parent Resource Guide – Educating & Equipping Parents on the Transgender Trend

This resource, compiled by our friends at the Minnesota Family Council, provides valuable information for parents facing a growing transgender trend in their children’s schools.