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Virginia: A Resounding Victory for Parents and Children Beyond the Commonwealth!

A Child-Centric Approach to Public Policy

Last night’s election results in Virginia have sent a shockwave across our nation and a resounding message that parents, children, and conservative pro-family values still matter!

In the wake of bitter battles over Critical Race Theory and policies that promote “sexual orientation” and “gender Identity” (SOGI) by allowing boys in girls’ bathrooms, and books and instruction that contain lewd and pornographic illustrations, Virginia parents said, “Enough is enough!” They stood up in a major way to elect conservative leaders to be their next governor, lieutenant governor, and attorney general.

Once again, the mainstream media, political pundits, and other liberal activists are scrambling to try to make sense of it all.

The fact is, this isn’t about political parties or historical voting trends; it’s about fundamental family values and a backlash against a radical cultural movement that has grown louder and more aggressive over the past several years. This is why Virginia’s election results stand as a beacon of light and hope far beyond the Commonwealth.

The controversies that caused “mama bears” and “papa bears” across Virginia to arise from their slumber and to take decisive action to protect their children, are happening all across our nation. Liberal activists view children as subjects of the state, and they are seeking to use our educational institutions to shape and indoctrinate young minds with anti-family and Marxist philosophies. Most parents, on the other hand, believe children are a gift from God, and that it is their responsibility to serve as their child’s primary caretakers and stewards. Come between that, and you are just about as safe as you are when you get between a mother bear and her cubs!

Yesterday, Virginia hit the tipping point. If the liberal left continues to push its radical pro-abortion, pro-LGBTQ, pro-CRT, and pro-Marxist agenda, more states, including North Carolina, are likely to follow with similar election outcomes.


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