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Take a Stand for Marriage Sept. 30 in Raleigh

The escalating threat to North Carolina’s marriage protection laws and the need for pro-family citizen action are the motivation for the “Take Your Stand Rally” scheduled for Tuesday, September 30 in downtown Raleigh. Sponsored by Return America, the purpose of the “Take Your Stand Rally” is to “send a message to Attorney General Roy Cooper, activist judges, and others that [North Carolina voters] expect them to support our marriage amendment.”

Dr. Ron Baity, president of Return America, is urging pro-family citizens to come to the rally by the thousands to “stand up and be counted” for traditional, Biblical marriage. “While many well-intended churches say they believe in Biblical marriage, they join the opposing religious crowds by remaining deathly silent,” Dr. Baity explained in a recent email about the rally. “We would like to encourage churches to bring vans and buses filled with spiritual salt to send a strong signal that the church is still the church!” He added, “Let’s fill downtown Raleigh for the cause of the One Who instituted marriage and placed His approval on that sacred institution by attending the marriage in Cana of Galilee!”

The “Take Your Stand Rally” is scheduled for 11 AM on September 30 on Halifax Mall (behind the legislative building) at 16 West Jones Street in Raleigh. In addition to Dr. Baity, the rally will feature speakers Attorney David Gibbs, III and Dr. Mark Harris, among others.

To learn more about the “Take Your Stand Rally,” visit, where a downloadable poster is available for churches. To register to attend, visit Return America’s Facebook event page, or call (336) 785-0527.


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