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SCOTUS To Hear Oral Arguments on FDA’s Decisions on Dangerous Chemical Abortion Pills

This week, the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) announced that it will hear arguments this term about the Food and Drug Administration’s READ

N.C. General Assembly Still On “Summer Break”

As we’ve mentioned the last couple of weeks, the North Carolina General Assembly has been on break, only having pro forma sessions and not READ
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POV: “303 Creative: A Ruling for All Americans”

Imagine being a creative professional in America who creates unique and expressive content that expresses your personal beliefs and worldview. You would sell that READ

The General Assembly’s Absence, Casino Gambling, and a Major Win for Religious Liberty

You are probably expecting one of our Weekly Update videos, looking forward to hear what John, Jere, and Sharon have to say about the READ
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SCOTUS “Groff Opinion” Another Win for Religious Liberty

In the last week of June, the United States Supreme Court issued a number of key opinions as its “2022 term” came to a READ

The Creation of Our Nation, and How It Affects Us Today

On July 4th, 247 years ago, a monumental document was signed. The authors were men who had occupations such as law, business, farming, medicine, READ
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SCOTUS Rules In Favor of Website Designer in Compelled Speech Case

Today, the United States Supreme Court ruled in favor of website designer Lorie Smith and her right to freedom of speech in 303 Creative READ

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